QNotes, Vol. 7, Issue 7

Qmetrics Technologies is pleased to announce a new line of branded products available to researchers and others relying on quality images generated from MRI scan. The products include a foot rest, UAL Phantom and T2 Phantom Belt, and each can help MRI technicians take high quality scans with reduced noise from patient motion, signal inhomogeneities or variance across scanners.

“Through the many years of clinical trial support we’ve provided, we’ve had to exclude multiple scans from studies because they were compromised during the actual scanning process,” commented Edward Schreyer, CEO, Qmetrics.  “Qmetrics has developed three products that if used consistently and correctly can maximize the quality of scans, and minimize the number of exclusions or rescans required which add time and cost to a study.” These materials have been provided to Qmetrics’ clients and research partners, but are now available for general purchase.

Foot Rest

Patient discomfort is a significant contributor to motion artifacts. It is hard for patients to remain still during a scan. The Qmetrics footrest is designed to provide a secure anchor for patients’ feet to be taped during an imaging study, reducing any “wiggling,” which may compromise the quality of the scan.  The footrest can be purchased for $125 USD, plus shipping and any applicable taxes.

Uniformity and Linearity (UAL) Phantom

Qmetrics' UAL Phantom

Qmetrics’ UAL Phantom

Our UAL phantom’s large fill ports make filling and draining quick and easy.  The large flange and seamless tub are rugged and designed to endure handling, storage and shipping without springing leaks.  Qmetrics’ UAL phantom provides both a geometric grid and flood portion, so you can generate proof of a homogenous B0 magnetic field and proper coil performance.  Collect evidence of image quality before and during your study with routine scans of our Qmetrics UAL phantom. The UAL Phantom can be purchased for $1,750 USD, plus shipping and any applicable taxes.

T2 Phantom Belt

Our T2 belt provides a convenient means of adding T2 (spin-spin) relaxation time (time required for transverse magnetization signal to decay to 1/e of its original value) signal markers to your image data during acquisition.  The belt contains 5 small vials with varying copper sulfate solution calibrated for T2 values of 10, 20, 30, 40 and 60ms in an adjustable Velcro-close belt.  This supports the standardization of data acquired on multiple scanners for accurate and consistent data pooling. The T2 Phantom Belt can be purchased for $1,500 USD, plus shipping and any applicable taxes

To inquire about purchasing any of these products, please contact us.


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