Qmetrics Technologies is pleased to announce it is working with Medairum, a Singapore based service provider that leverages the power of 3D printing to deliver patient-specific solutions to improve patient outcomes. Medairum will send Qmetrics imaging studies, and with its proprietary software, Qmetrics will provide 3D data files of selected anatomy for Medairum to print using the latest 3D printing technologies available to them.

Image Sequence of 3D Printing from MRI

Image Sequence of 3D Printing from MRI

“It makes sense to work with Medairum and collaborate with our technologies,” commented Edward Schreyer, CEO, Qmetrics Technologies. “Our 3D Segmentation and Modeling services provide high quality 3D anatomical data, and Medairum has the cutting edge printing services needed to provide them to interested parties.”

“Qmetrics provides expert MRI image analysis and segmentation services turning traditional 2D data into highly visual 3D representations.” Commented Nirodha Ariyaratne, General Manager, Medairum Pte Ltd. “Together with Qmetrics, we can take an MRI scan and deliver highly visual and tactile 3D printed anatomical models. With these models in the hands of a surgeon, they can make better surgical decisions and communicate more effectively with their patients, leading to better patient outcomes.”

Qmetrics provides 3D Segmentation & Modeling service available to physicians, academic and industry researchers, educators and others interested in 3D segmentations of anatomy. The 3D segmentation and resulting models may be be useful to physicians in visualizing injury or disease and patient communication; build accurate finite models for tissue engineering, prosthesis design, etc.; for students to visualize or print clinical cases for presentation or publication; and even for the general public interested in learning more about anatomy.

For more information about the 3D Segmentation Service and how to submit a scan, contact Qmetrics at 3Dqmetrics@qmetricstech.com. Examples of the some models can be viewed here, or at the Qmetrics’ 3D Segmentation Facebook page.

About Medairum
Medairum Pte Ltd is a specialized service provider based in Singapore that leverages the power of 3D printing to deliver patient-specific solutions to improve patient outcomes. Founded by Miles Podmore, Medairum is the service branch of Eye2Eye Communications that has been providing hardware and software solutions to the radiology and 3D printing sectors in Singapore and Southeast Asia for 15 years.

For more information about Medairum, visit their website.

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