QNotes, Vol. 6, Issue 15

Olea Medical Integrates the Cartilage Segmentation Technology Into Olea Sphere®V3.0.

Qmetrics Technologies is pleased to announce it has signed a licensing agreement with Olea Medical®, a Toshiba Medical company, headquartered in France, which is a provider of the innovative MR and CT imaging post-processing solutions, Olea Sphere®. Qmetrics is licensing its segmentation technology to Olea for integration with their software products.

L to R: Edward Schreyer, Qmetrics' CEO and Eric Marchand of Olea Medical

L to R: Edward Schreyer, Qmetrics’ CEO and Eric Marchand of Olea Medical

“Through this partnership, we can help Olea bring advanced cartilage segmentation capabilities to their customers, an additional benefit for them,” commented Edward Schreyer, CEO, Qmetrics Technologies. “The agreement helps Qmetrics further our goal of bringing advanced imaging information to patients and care providers.”

“We are always looking to provide our customers with enhanced and expanded imaging capabilities and this is a significant add-on to our advanced MSK solutions offering”, said Fayçal Djeridane, Olea Medical®’s Chief Executive Officer. ”Radiologists specialized in MSK and sports medicine worldwide will have access to innovative advanced postprocessing technology allowing them to deliver better patient care in their daily practice.”

According to Bruno Triaire, Olea Medical®’s Chief Medical Officer, “This will allow us to expand our osteoarticular MRI services by adding automatic cartilage segmentation. Degenerative cartilage pathologies are becoming increasingly common and new treatments depend on this technology. This solution will help us consolidate our position as an MRI imaging expert in the sports medicine field.”

Qmetrics provides 3D Segmentation & Modeling services to physicians, academic and industry researchers, educators and others interested in 3D segmentations of anatomy. The 3D segmentation and resulting models may be be useful to physicians in visualizing injury or disease and patient communication; build accurate finite models for tissue engineering, prosthesis design, etc.; for students to visualize or print clinical cases for presentation or publication; and even for the general public interested in learning more about anatomy.

For more information about the 3D Segmentation Service and how to submit a scan, contact Qmetrics at 3Dqmetrics@qmetricstech.com. Examples of some models can be viewed here.

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