QNotes, Vol. 6, Issue 11

Qmetrics Technologies is proud to support Bone and Joint Action Week, which is held annually October 12-20, with activities focused on disorders including arthritis, back pain, trauma, pediatric conditions, and osteoporosis. There are five special days during Action Week:

  • October 12 – World Arthritis Day
  • October 16 – World Spine Day
  • October 17 – World Trauma Day
  • October 19 – World Pediatric Bone and Joint (PB&J) Day
  • October 20 – World Osteoporosis Day
3D Image of Bony Hip from a Routine MRI Data Set

3D Image of Bony Hip from a Routine MRI Data Set

The week-long observance is a program of The United States Bone and Joint Initiative (USBJI), part of the Global Alliance for Musculoskeletal Health, a global campaign to improve quality of life for people with musculoskeletal conditions and to advance understanding and treatment of these conditions through research, prevention, and education. USBJI aims to raise the awareness of the increasing societal impact of musculoskeletal injuries and disorders; empower patients to participate in decisions about their care; increase funding for prevention activities and research; and promote cost-effective prevention and treatment of musculoskeletal injuries and disorders.

During this week, Qmetrics Technologies will contribute to the discussion about MSK research, prevention and education, with information an articles posted to it’s website and social media platforms. With the growing prevalence of MSK disorders and impact to our community, Qmetrics is pleased to support researchers, companies and medical practitioners striving for therapies and prevention for such disease.

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