QNotes, Vol. 6, Issue 10

Children and adolescents aren’t immune from orthopedic disease and injury. Highly active and energetic, children do suffer sports injuries, and their cases can sometimes present challenges. One benefit of Qmetrics ability to develop 3D images and anatomic models from MR scans is that it can avoid radiation exposure in pediatric patients associated with CT scans. Additionally, the rich soft-tissue data found in MRI images may provide physicians with a better understanding of injury or disease extent.

Sample 3D Model from MRI

Sample 3D Model from MRI

The Qmetrics team is honored to partner with one of its clients to support development of custom orthopedic implants for young cancer patients. Qmetrics provided an accurate 3D model of the patient’s anatomy, enabling the client’s engineers to design and fabricate an implant customized for the patient. This application of advanced image analysis helps the patients’ physician pursue options designed to preserve the child’s limb while treating the cancer.

“Qmetrics is proud to be working with our orthopedic partners to help cancer patients receive the best possible treatment options,” commented Edward Schreyer, CEO, Qmetrics. “We realize the importance of making our proprietary technology available in a clinical setting so treating physicians can benefit from the rich information in medical image data to make better care decisions. We would be happy to work with clinicians facing these challenges, and facilitating conversations with our partners to help develop custom solutions for their pediatric and other patients.”

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