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Why Waste Time Tracing When You Could be Researching?


Manual segmentation of MRI images is a time consuming, laborious task that can take precious resources and attention away from an academic researcher. Qmetrics Technologies can help. Our team has developed automated tools to quickly segment knee MR images into bones and cartilage and defines the tissue.

Researchers investigating disease progress and potential treatments should be focusing on the goals of their research, not spending an inordinate amount of time tracing image slices. Plus, manual tracing introduces variability into your results, which can reduce the statistical significance of experimental results.Knee MRI

Qmetrics has different options to help you get faster, more accurate results. You can send your image data to our core lab, where we will segment your images and return segmentation masks and/or quantified data grids to you just as we do to support regulated clinical trials. Or, if you prefer, you can license our software and use our tools, including our automated multi-atlas based segmentation to segment and analyze your data in your own lab.

Radiologist Viewing ImagesOur software is fairly priced for research budgets, and it is backed by the support of a team with over 20 years of experience analyzing medical image data, supporting the imaging components of clinical trials, image-based research and FDA-compliant software development. Kuvia3D®, a version of our software designed for clinical applications is FDA 510(k) cleared.

Let Qmetrics’ software segment your images in a timely, efficient method. You focus on the rest of the research.

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