Data Requirements for Qmetrics’ Clinical Research Partners

Research Data Requirements for Retrospective Studies


Qmetrics strives to provide accurate, timely image analysis for our clinical research partners. To accomplish this, there are data requirements that make the upload and analysis process run most efficiently.  Outlined on this page are the requirements we have for our partners to ensure accurate, prompt and quality data management.


Qmetrics uses the information in the DICOM header tags to parse data sets by Subject ID, series, study date, etc. In order to do this, it is important that the following requirements are met:
  • Image data should not be over-anonymized. Qmetrics will rely on the information in the DICOM header tags to determine the imaging parameters, the time point, subject ID, series name, series number, etc.
  • Personal patient information, e.g., name, SSN, etc. should always be anonymized, as each subject should be assigned a Subject ID using a consistent naming convention throughout the data. This should be entered in the Subject ID 0010,0020 DICOM tag.
  • Patient information, including gender, weight, height, etc. should be anonymized unless those characteristics are being used to determine cohort or are pertinent in some other way.


Qmetrics should also be informed of the following:
  • The time points that will be analyzed
  • Cohort assignment of the subjects (unless Qmetrics will be blinded to that information)
  • Objective of the research


To maximize the imaging quality, please keep the following in mind:
  • MRI slices should be as thin as possible, without sacrificing signal quality.In most cases, 1.0 -1.5mm slices should be fine.
  • Do not interpolate the slices Do not use resampling or interpolation, even if it results in thinner slices. The interpolation process introduces blurring and noise, which adversely affect the analysis process and precision of results.
  • Please review images prior to delivering them to Qmetrics and check for motion and artifact.
  • Qmetrics can also provide you with an imaging protocol that will yield the images needed prior to analysis.
X-rays marking left and right knees
X-rays marking left and right knees


If possible, Qmetrics would also like to receive a grid of the subjects that will be analyzed so that we can determine data completion. This grid should include the cohort assignment (if applicable) and the index information of the side of the body that is being analyzed. For instance, if analyzing knees, whether the right or left knee was imaged.
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