3D Segmentation Services


Qmetrics offers 3D Segmentation Services for Clinicians, Academics and Others Interested in Seeing a 3D Rendering of a CT or MRI scan for many uses:

3D Model of Head from CT Scan, with Curvature Mapping

3D Model of Head from CT Scan, with Curvature Mapping


Medical Practice:

  • Physicians and Medical Professionals may find these models helpful in visualizing injury or disease
  • The 3D Segmentation and Models enhance surgeon/patient communications


  • Build accurate finite element models for tissue engineering, prothesis design, etc.

Educational Purposes:

  • Medical Students can visualize and/or print clinical cases
  • Biomedical/Mechanical Engineers can generate models for mechanical analysis

    3D Spinal Model

    3D Spinal Model

General Public Uses

  • To visualize or print patient anatomy for general knowledge
3D Foot Segmentation

3D Foot Segmentation


Qmetrics will accept standard anatomical images and return a 3D Segmented file ready for printing to the buyer.  The buyer has the freedom to choose a local 3D printer, print in house, or Qmetrics can identify a printer and provide their quote and details.


To view more images, visit us at Facebook/3D-Medical-Modeling.
For a video about 3D Modeling, visit Qmetrics’ YouTube channel.
For more details, to send us a file and receive a quote (prices starting at $100 USD), contact us at 3dqmetrics@qmetricstech.com.