3D Medical Models


Qmetrics Produces Ready-to-Print 3D Models from Medical Images

3D Printed Femur with Cartilage Defect

3D Printed Femur with Cartilage Defect, Model Printed by Medairum


Qmetrics will accept clinical MRI or CT images and return to the buyer 3D Models of selected anatomy ready for printing.  The buyer has the freedom to choose a local 3D printer, print in house, or Qmetrics can identify a printer and facilitate model fabrication.


Tibia and meniscus

3D Printed Model of the Tibia with Meniscal Tear (tear shown in clear material), Printed by Medairum

Medical Practice:

  • Physicians and Medical Professionals may find these models helpful in visualizing injury or disease
  • The 3D Segmentation and Models enhance surgeon/patient communications


  • Build accurate finite element models for tissue engineering
  • Prothesis design

Educational Purposes:

  • Medical Students can visualize and/or print clinical cases
  • Biomedical/Mechanical Engineers can generate models for mechanical analysis

    3D Spinal Model

    3D Spinal Model

General Public Uses

  • To visualize or print patient anatomy for general knowledge
3D Foot Segmentation

3D Foot Segmentation


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